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Just Two Monthly Subscription

Not every lady wants to change her razor every week, so that's why we offer this simpler package. With "Just Two" cartridges, you'll have the opportunity to buy just enough for your needs each month and still save plenty of money. With this box, you'll receive only two razor blade cartridges each month alongside our sleek, pink and chrome handle that comes complimentary during your subscription's first month. 

Each razor has 5 blades to give you the closest shave without risking any nasty nicks or cuts to ruin your shaving experience. Use the bikini trimmer at the top of the blade to help with those spots that would normally be hard to shave! Our blades are made with the highest quality American steel combined with a thin moisturizing strip to help prevent irritation. Our blades and handle are specifically designed to let you shave the curves of legs, underarms, and anywhere else you want without worry. 

We know you'll love our blades, so go ahead. Join Sheila's Shave Club today. 

Notice: Your first order may take up to 15 days to be fulfilled. We only ship out twice a month. After that, your subscription will arrive normally!