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What is Her Secret Shave Club?

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Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Rose & Key! It’s finally launch day here at Her Secret Shave Club and we are so excited to finally have ourselves up and running and preparing for our first ship-out. With great things on the horizon, I wanted to give you all a quick run-down of who we are and what’s up-coming in the next few months. I’m also going to go over our blog and what you can expect to see (and encourage you to keep following us!)

The Club

We are situated in sunny Florida, right on the beach, so you can imagine that a close, clean shave is something that the women here are concerned with nearly year ‘round—and that includes all the women behind Her Secret Shave Club (seriously, how could this not be an issue close to our hearts?). For years and years, the price of a decent shave has been buckets and buckets of money spent on razors and the replaceable heads each month. Sure, I could have bought a pack of disposable two-blade razors and called it a day—but while that may save me money, it won’t save my legs from the inevitable nicks and cuts. So, Her Secret Shave Club is giving women what they’ve wanted for years: their own inexpensive option for top-quality razors. 

I know, I’m excited. Everyone here at Her Secret Shave Club is. This is a dream that we’ve had for a while, and it’s finally getting started. And can you blame us? Our razors are fantastic. I’ve always groaned at the price of five-bladed razor refills at the store. $25+? Give me a break. It’s ridiculous to think that I’m going to pay as much as a really nice meal just to shave my legs for a month. Now, I’m going to be able to get refills delivered to me for less than half the price, and I’m not going to be losing any of the quality of the razor. 

What's Coming

But that isn’t where we’re stopping. Sure, we’re just shipping out razors and shave gel right now, but we have big plans to expand. Get ready to save on much more than just women’s razors! In the coming months, we’ll be putting out more shave gel and deliciously-scented bathing and skincare products that are legitimately something to swoon over. I can’t tell you how excited I am after looking at some of the upcoming items. It’ll be a toss-up whether the price or the scent is better. I’ll be doing previews and sneak-peeks on the Rose & Key to show off and also get input on what you guys are interested in.

We have more than just this blog, though. We also have an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to follow us on. Be prepared for awesome pictures, great beauty stuff, and fun updates on the Shave Club.  

The Rose & Key

Now, to my favorite part. I love our razors so much, but I also want to talk about them—and much, much more. I’m Bex (that's short for Rebecca), the writer behind the Rose & Key beauty blog, and I’ll be posting many (AKA at least two) times a week about all sorts of things involving beauty, skincare, make-up trends, my opinions on said trends, and (of course) our Shave Club. As one of the minds behind the Shave Club, I’ll be posting about all the great things going on behind the scenes and giving you girls a heads-up about the great products that we’ll be putting out.

“Why should I listen to her?” you may be asking. That’s a great question. No, I don’t have a cosmetology degree or a YouTube channel devoted to teaching people how to do the perfect cut-crease eyeshadow, and I’m certainly not a health nut who specializes in home-made clear-out-your-colon-and-arteries-with-this-one-simple-carrot-dish. I’m a student of criminal justice and anthropology, and I work full-time as a student, a writer, a marketer, a social media guru…yeah, I do a lot. But most importantly, I’m a woman, and I’m going to be writing about how to stay beautiful and confident and healthy despite being busy around the clock. I think that whether you’re a student or a CEO or a stay-at-home mom, you’re going to find some great tips and tricks that I’ll be testing and posting about every week. And did I mention I’ll be taking submissions? Feel free to email me at if you have something you’d like to see upcoming or you want to ask a question about content. I’m looking forward to a great start with the shave club and all you wonderful folks.

Over and out, ladies.

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